HUAWEI P30 Wireless Charging Case

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Wireless Charging Solution for P30 

The newest generation of P30 wireless charging case solved the shortcomings of the previous generation P30 case , it comes with a cable charging port, no longer need to remove the case for cable charging(Note: this charging port is only for charging) 


Installation method

1. Push the phone camera port to separate the phone case from the phone

2. Then gently push the phone up until the metal connector of the case is separated from the phone

3. Note: Before the metal connector is separated from the mobile phone, do not directly pull the mobile phone out of the case, otherwise it will easily damage the metal connector.


Kindly Note: 

1. It's normal for phone to be warm when charging, built-in over temperature protection.

2. Before charging, please make sure that there are no metal, coins, IC cards, bank cards, magnetic sheets, etc. on the back of the phone, as these items will affect the wireless charging.

3. For fast charge, please use original Quick Charge adapter (not included).

4. Not battery case, it needs to work with HUAWEI wireless charger.

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